“Disease is, in a large number of cases, primarily due to the wrongful alignment of mind, body and spirit.”

– Silver Birch

Do you struggle with a mental, emotional, or physical challenge you seek to improve?  Or a behaviour you want to change but feel like something is blocking you?

Many believe that health is affected by physical factors like our genes and lifestyle, while behaviours arise from our _DSC4804close upexperiences in this life.  And certainly all this is true.  But do you understand that you are an energetic being existing in a sea of energy?  The negative thoughts and emotions experienced throughout life are energies that are still with you, affecting you, unless you have done the work to clear them.  In addition, everyone holds deep-seated beliefs at a subconscious level that are driving thoughts, feelings and actions – or the inability to take action – unless, again, you have discovered and addressed them.  Perhaps the least known but one very powerful influence on our wellness and behaviour is soul contracts: the emotional vows we have made to ourselves in this life but especially in past lives that are still influencing us!

If you’ve ever had an upsetting day then awakened the next morning with a new symptom you’ve experienced the mind-body connection.  What about core beliefs you hold that you may not even be aware of?  Common themes involve not feeling good enough, feeling unsafe in the world, or could even revolve around money.  And did you realize that a past life may be behind the way you are?  I have seen release of past life issues shift phobia-like fears, toddler tantrums, cognitive writing challenges, and depression, anxiousness and low self-confidence!

My passion arises from removing these blocks to bring you the happiness, freedom and empowerment you seek in your personal or professional life.  Physical issues can also be improved, including aches and discomfort, digestive problems, food intolerance, and hair loss, to name a few.

If all of this sounds too incredible to be true read on.  On this site I share how science and thought-leaders like Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, and Deepak Chopra suggest that we control our health – and we can adopt new ways of being to shift towards wellness.  While some of this information may (or may not) be outside your comfort zone and belief system, I encourage you to explore the references and keep an open mind.

My belief is that:

  • There is an explanation for every health condition we face; disease is not random;
  • Our thoughts, emotions and beliefs are creating our health (or lack thereof) every moment of every day;
  • The vast majority of disease can be prevented or shifted;
  • Energy work can improve health because – as quantum physics tells us – we exist in a vast sea of energy that connects us all;
  • Reincarnation is real, and our past lives can influence our health and behaviour in this life;
  • There is an afterlife or Spirit World; our deceased loved ones live on, and assist us and communicate from the other side, as do other spirit beings

If the above resonates with or intrigues you I welcome the opportunity to assist you.  Please note that all energy techniques are meant to work in conjunction with and not replace, professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.