Work with Me

This site was created because I wanted to share with you the information and learning I have accumulated; that you might more directly (than my eight-year journey) understand how to bring wellness and happiness to your life.

Yet it was not without some trepidation.  While I was used to teaching and working with those on the spiritual path, I was hesitant to present these ‘woo woo’ concepts to a more mainstream audience.  After all, back in 2010 even I might have thought this all too crazy.   However, I saw how the techniques were making a difference with my spiritually-based clientele and for myself.

This is a very sick planet we live on; so many of us suffer from anxiety, depression, negative self-talk, and unhelpful patterns of behaviour, never mind the physical ailments and diagnoses.  What if I could help a wider audience understand how their emotions and thoughts could be creating disease?  What if I could point them in the right direction, to the great work that had already been done but that conventional medicine doesn’t know about or teach patients?  Maybe more and more people would open themselves to a bigger picture of life and of themselves!

My greatest wish is that you will make the time to read or listen to the wonderful teachers I have referenced on the site, and incorporate their wisdom into your everyday life to achieve well-being.  Should you wish to delve further and would like my assistance, please see the Services and Testimonials pages.