About Me

From a young age I was enamoured with Star Trek – Mr. Spock, logic, science and science fiction.  This led me into the sciences where I completed an undergraduate and then a masters degree in biochemistry.  As much as I loved science I knew I could not work in a laboratory; I was too much of a people-person.  One of the university courses I enjoyed the most was pharmacology so I pursued a career in the pharmaceutical industry for 10 years, in the design, conduct and reporting of clinical trials in gastrointestinal disease.

_DSC4869Desiring a better work/life balance and more job satisfaction I moved to the not-for-profit sector as a project manager and medical writer, still in the field of digestive health and disease.

While I greatly enjoyed this work, little did I know that a major life event was about to shake my personal, and ultimately professional, world.  In 2010 my husband unexpectedly passed away and, in that instant, changed my entire trajectory.  As we often do in such cases, I found myself reviewing and reordering my priorities but it was more than that.  I began a quest to ‘find’ where my husband had gone, which quickly evolved into exploring topics such as life-after-death communications, near-death experiences, mediumship, past lives and life between lives, channeled wisdom, quantum physics, energy healing and essentially all things spiritual.  I read voraciously, attended spiritual Meetup groups and conferences, and began a regular meditation practice.

From someone whose approach to life had been driven entirely by the left brain, logical mind, I found myself shifting to the right brain – to making decisions from my intuition and heart, not my head.  This transpired not just because of a developing belief in the unseen world I was reading about – I was also having metaphysical experiences of my own.  It is these personal experiences, rather than any teachings, that truly convince us that there is more to life than meets the eye.  Increasingly I found that I could not draw a line between what was normal and what seemed crazy, because the line on crazy kept moving!  I began to follow a different path based on what excited me about life, and the clues and information that were clearly being placed in my path.  Interestingly, my new path turned out to be a variation on my original one; understanding health but from an energy/spiritual/metaphysical perspective.  I followed my intuition to study, test and use the healing methods that resonated with me as ‘truth’.  These began to fill in the pieces of the puzzle of how we regain our emotional health, and how much our health and happiness is under our own control.

The most exciting development – to me – of this era we live in, is that quantum physics has become the bridge between science and spirituality, which are being found, more and more, to be in alignment.

Regardless of where you are in your journey of understanding, I challenge you to put aside the beliefs we are indoctrinated with by society in favour of undertaking your own exploration of these topics.  And may you honour wherever these truths lead you, no matter what anyone else may think.