Energy Healing

The power of our own mind and spirit to effect changes within our body never ceases to amaze me.

Tumour-pre&postThe most fascinating example I can point to, to demonstrate what is possible, is a video from China involving three energy healers working on a woman with bladder cancer.  In less than three minutes real-time images show the 3-inch tumour slowly regressing and disappearing.  To view the video, along with an informative commentary from Gregg Braden, click here.

In his book, Quantum Healing, Deepak Chopra shares many interesting cases of the power of the mind.  For example, he cites a study from 2005 of 11 experienced Hawaiian healers who were asked to choose, as the quantum healingrecipient for distance healing, someone they had successfully worked with and with whom they felt a connection.  Each recipient was separated from the healer while undergoing a functional magnetic resonance imaging scan.  Healers were asked to send healing to their recipient randomly at two-minute intervals; the latter having no way of knowing when healing was being sent.  Significant differences were found between the ‘send’ periods and the ‘no-send’ periods in the brains of 10 of 11 recipients – during the send periods certain areas of the brain ‘lit up’ indicating increased metabolic activity.  No such effect was noted during the no-send times.

Also from Quantum Healing are two more references to just how powerful our minds are, to bring about rapid physical changes within the body.  Chopra explains how patients with multiple personality disorder can have diseases that arise and are associated only with a specific personality.   Originally described by psychologist Daniel Coleman, one child named Timmy had almost a dozen separate personalities, one of which would break out in hives if Timmy drank orange juice.  However, if Timmy returned as the dominant personality while the allergic reaction was present, the itching and blisters of the hives would start to resolve.

Chopra relates a similar event with his mother, who was known to suffer from severe asthma attacks marked by the appearance of large red welts and blisters that appeared on her skin.  Her attacks were caused by a flower that blossomed in spring in the town of Jammu, India so his mother would often escape to Srinigar, a place free of this pollen.  One time his parents were on a flight returning from Srinagar to Jammu.  As the plane touched down Chopra’s father put his hand on his mother’s arm to reassure her but the red welts were already beginning to appear and she began to struggle with her breathing.  The flight attendant noticed her distress and asked what was the matter.  His father explained that it was the pollen of Jammu causing the reaction.  Confused, the attendant explained that the plane had not yet landed in Jammu – it had landed at its first stop, Udhampur.  When Chopra’s father glanced with surprise at his wife he noted that her wheezing had already disappeared and the sores were vanishing as he watched.  How powerful is the mind!

This may seem incredible and unexplained although less so once we understand some of the principles of quantum physics and what they imply for the real nature of our reality.  For reading in this area I recommend The Divine Matrix: Bridging Time, Space, Miracles, and Belief by Gregg Braden or any of his many excellent videos on YouTube.