Brianna my daughter had an apt with Sandra for her chronic neck issue which nobody had been able to help. She is now pain free and enjoying life so I am forever grateful to you. She has been skiing and working out and no complaints so in my eyes you are the only practitioner that has been able to help her. I have forwarded your name to a friend and will do so with anyone who is open minded to try this type of healing, I will be sending them your way. It’s great not to have to worry about her. I am a big believer in what you do since you have improved Brianna’s life and I don’t have to worry so much all the time about her pain.

Diane Shortt, March 2023

Sandra is a trustworthy, dedicated and generous healer. Her work is very deep and profound that has brought amazing shift and improvement in a very short time. One aspect of my life was completely transformed after a week or so I have been working with Sandra. The same transformation occurred with all the members of my family. I have been on the journey for a long time, Sandra is amazing!

ES, March 2023

Sandra is a gifted energy healer.   I have had a chronic deep cough that I have suffered for decades.  I have tried many doctors and many treatments, with little success.  Then Sandra discovered that there were past lives associated with the issue, where I could not breathe properly.  After her healing sessions, the cough has been gone.  It’s such a relief especially during Covid, where everyone freaks out on any cough, let alone a deep, non-stoppable one.

I have also had motion sickness since childhood.  Any bumpy ride or scent of jet fuel or gasoline, will trigger nausea and vomit. I had a miserable snorkeling trip in Hawaii and emailed Sandra to see if she could do something.  My situation improved significantly shortly after her session and I have since enjoyed my busy Christmas travel season without any problem.

I am very impressed by Sandra’s skills and would highly recommend her.

YC, January 2023

Sandra is a gifted Body Code Practitioner who has proven to me that her healing powers are real and profound, as demonstrated by her healing effect on me.

When I was a small child I almost drowned and this fear has stayed with me all my life. Sandra agreed to work on me and found that I had drowning experiences in previous lifetimes. By her working to eliminate the memories and emotions of water related problems it shifted me in a way that I can say that I can now let my face be dowsed and submerged in water without any fear.

Sandra has an ability to identify the root of a problem, the cause, and to break through and correct the issue. I am very grateful to her for resolving my problem.

Elayne Y, February 2022

I suffered from mental and physical issues for almost two years. After exhausting all avenues in the medical world, I finally got the help I needed from Sandra. I struggled myself for too long! I’m now feeling normal and healthy thanks to the Body Code sessions with this marvelous intuitive energy healer, and I have since recommended this wonderful lady to others!!

Patty Getty, December 2021

I’ve been battling anxiety and depression for over 30 years.  I’ve tried medication, exercise, diet, counseling and although I’ve achieved some relief I continued to struggle to understand the root cause of my anxiety/depression which has significantly impacted my happiness, self confidence and career direction.  My wife suggested that I go see Sandra.  I was hesitant at first but after seeing my wife’s emotional and spiritual healing only after a couple of sessions, I quickly booked my first in person session with Sandra.

I felt very anxious for our first meeting but upon meeting Sandra my shoulders relaxed and instantly felt calm and tranquil.  Sandra has a gentle and amazing ability to connect with you on a emotional and spiritual level.  She explained her work in detail and the process of how she would heal and guide me to over come my limiting beliefs, anxiety, depression, and so much more.  Sandra was able provide insights into my past and connect with my spiritual guides to provide me with life direction and purpose.

I continue to work with Sandra and every session brings me new healing, spiritual awareness, and life purpose.  Sandra is a kind, caring and a generous person who truly has an amazing gift as a healer, spiritual guide and coach.

John M, August 2021

My son has suffered from depression, anxiety and panic attacks all his life.  Sandra started working working with him a few years ago and we started noticing a difference.  He is much more focused now.  His anxiety and depression have dramatically decreased.  He is much more able to deal with life on a day to day basis.  He is a happier person.  He still struggles with symptoms at times but Sandra has truly changed his life along with mine.

JG, August 2021

It’s been three years since Sandra has cleared my trapped energies and they have not returned.  Recently, she placed a shield on me.  And I have just realized today that I no longer hold this dreadful feeling that my world is falling apart in front of me, and my shoulders have come down to where they belong.  My neck pains from holding my shoulders in this manner for so long is gone.

Louise Fortin, July 2021

I came to Sandra about my beautiful lab Loki.  He would just suddenly stop while walking him.  He is a rescue we adopted about a year ago and I really wanted to get the both of us into jogging or just to go on long walks.  But it was a struggle when he would just stop and sometimes he would stop in the most awkward of places, like the middle of the road, in someone’s driveway or on a street corner.  I would also get a sense that he was scared or unsure.  He is a large black lab and needs a significant amount of exercise, so you can see how this could be an issue.  We tried everything treats, affection, positive reinforcement but nothing really seemed to work.  As Sandra had done work on me, I asked her to look into Loki and see if she could unravel what was going on.  WOW, with in the first week I saw a significant change.  He would no longer stop and he was much happier.  Now after about a month, we jog every morning with no issues at all, he is really happy and keen to jog.  Even the regular people we cross paths with each morning notice the difference in him.  I am so happy about this progress and seeing Loki really enjoying walking/jogging.  Thanks Sandra for removing the Body Code imbalances that were holding this beautiful four-legged soul from happy playful life of movement!

Tree Ryde, September 2019

My daughter suffers from anxiety, panic attacks and school refusal. She is in therapy but when I was referred to Sandra, I thought, “why not, it can’t hurt”. After meeting Sandra, not only did I sign my daughter up for Body Code work, but my husband and I as well.

My daughter’s work was done remotely. I didn’t tell her about it because I wanted to see if I saw improvements/changes without “suggesting” them. There was a calmness about her after the first session. The biggest change I saw was her intolerance to dairy is gone! Sandra cleared the energy and literally within days it was gone. She also uses her “shield” daily to help her with her anxiety and not letting bad energy around her. This has helped her immensely.

As for me; with life/age changes I’ve noticed I am quick to anger and am impatient. After seeing Sandra, this has significantly improved and I find myself much calmer.

Sandra is easy to open up to and enjoyable to be with. She has a passion to help people and it is felt from the moment you meet her. The Body Code works. Overall, a great experience.

Thank you Sandra, my family is reaping the benefits of your work.

Kathy, June 2019

I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Sandra.  I found immense healing on both the physical and emotional levels.  I had a pain in my shoulder blade for over twenty years that no amount of physio, chiro, RMTs could alleviate, but after one session with Sandra it was gone and I am pain free now.  I also feel more confident in myself which is a huge bonus!  Thank you so much Sandra!

Erin Cardoso, April 2019

Sandra told me that my fibromyalgia was related to a past life and released the problem using distance healing.  Afterwards, I muscle tested if the healing cleared the fibromyalgia and it said yes. The next day I had renewed energy, was less exhausted at night and my brain felt clearer.  Now, over a month later I feel A LOT better.  Thank you Sandra!

Afshan Tafler, June 2018

Sandra has excellent psychics’ abilities. She is the very kind-hearted person with a lot of patience. Her main aim is to help the person by clearing trapped emotions. She is the gifted person with wonderful healing abilities. She is also very knowledgeable, I saw hundreds of books in her library. While reading with her I have to feel that I know her for years, she has such a magnetic personality that you feel attached with devotion. I wish her all the best for this service to mankind she doing.

Harvinder Singh, December 2017

I shared with Sandra that I often suffer from panic attacks and anxiety. She started working with me only to discover that I had several trapped emotions which she then cleared.  Sandra has helped me to balance my emotions and I am happy to say that I very rarely have panic attacks anymore.

Louise Hope, November  2016